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Mrs Oregon History

1977 Carol Lukens
1978 Cindy Cox
1979 Diane Miller

1980 Dana Garner
1981 Candace Oswald
1982 Karee Edwards
1983 Heather
1984 Vickie Jenkins
1985 Rebecca Rust
1986 Kathy Martin
1987 Robin Weil
1988 Debra Downey
1989 Brenda Kay Huff

1990 Marsha Grenley
1991 Maureen Thomas
1992 Debra Johnston
1993 Lori Park
1994 Jo Anne Wolf
1995 Johanna Fray
1996 Amy Sim
1997 Jeanna Weltha
1998 Sandra Herder
1999 Mary Nelson

2000 Dena Armstrong
2001 Kathie Thompson
2002 Kym Wylder
2003 Patricia Nuttbrock
2004 Angela Warren
2005 Lisa Marie Menken
2006 Kati McKibben
2007 Kimberly Takla
2008 Taryn Stastny
2009 Joelle Rankins Goodwin

2010 Joy Huston
2011 Aspen Droesch


For over 30 years, Mrs Oregon has had a history of accomplished
married women compete in the Mrs America Pageant. But in 1962,
Mrs Oregon won the Mrs America Title making Chleo Melitis the only
Mrs Oregon to win the title. Some have come close place in the top
5 in 1984, 1986, and in 1992.

The tradition of married women in pageantry is one that celebrates
the institution know to us as marriage. It has evolved over the years
seeing women with accomplishments in corporate america, doctors,
lawyers, community leaders, and of course, the domestic engineers
(formally known as the "at home mom").

With the increase in demands on time, this experience allows the
married woman of today a chance to do something for themselves,
reminding them of their value in today's society. The Mrs Oregon
America experience is one that you will never forget and the
rewards go far beyond a crown! Many women speak of their
experience as "live changing" and is an experience they will never
regret. We hope that is your reaction as you venture into a world of
self discovery, spiritual awakening, and marriage enhancement.

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Director of this incredible
opportunity for the married woman today!
~Libby, Executive Director

Libby Crawford, Co-Executive Director
Libby has been involved in pageantry for over 25 years. She has
coached, judged, and participated in various systems including
Miss/Teen/Mrs programs. She became the Executive Director of the Mrs
Oregon America Pageant in 2002. Libby runs the online store
crowningmomentclassifieds.com, is the mother of 3, and is an
Ambassador to the City of Portland through the Royal Rosarians. Giving
back through her charity work with the Oregon Food Bank and Royal
Rosarian Foundation, and advocating for Children with Special Learning
Needs, are very important to Libby and her family.
Taryn Stastny, Co-Executive Director
Taryn was Mrs Oregon 2008 and competed at the Mrs America
Pageant in Tucson Arizona. She also was the Co-Director of a local
Miss pageant for 4 years and participated as a contestant, winning
several local tiltles and numerous scholarships. Taryn is employed full
time at Northwestern Mutual. Recently Taryn and her husband Michael
welcomed their first child, Matthew.
A fun story on Oregon's only Mrs America.
Cleo Maletis, Mrs America 1957
Additional Staff Includes:
Marcia Menche (Ticket Sales), Tammy Wallace (On Stage Production), Marie and Zach (Personal
Trainers), Jason Weitz (Videographer), Kimberly Mulkey(Event Photographer), Shama Albright
(Judge's Chair), Michelle McElligott (Auditor), Curtis and Lisa Marie Menken (On Stage Interviewer),
Taryn and Mike Stastny (back stage and security), Diana, De Ann, Jenn, Judy, plus additional
friends that volunteer with day of events. We want to thank Dan Murphy and all the staff at the
Broadway Rose Theater Co. for their continued support and wonderful production services!
Contestants reflect titleholders that were crowned since the new directors took over the pageant in 2003.

(L-R) 2003 Patricia Nuttbrock, 2004 Angela Warren, 2005 Lisa Marie Menken, 2006 Kati McKibben, 2007 Kimberly Takla, 2008 Taryn Stastny, 2009 Joelle Rankins-Goodwin,
2010 Joy Huston

Photos of 2003/2004 from Glamour Pro
Photos of 2005-2010 from Colleen Cahill